“The X-Files” (S10E03) “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”


Review by David Paul Hellings



“Mulder, the internet is not good for you” – Scully

A series of murders finds Mulder initially sceptical and questioning his work, then struggling with a questionable camera app as he and Scully investigate the killings, possibly the work of a shape-changing monster.

Writer Darin Morgan, who crafted the funniest “X-Files” episodes of all time (“Humbug”, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”, “War of the Coprophages”, “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space”) returns with a superbly hilarious monster of the week episode that is spot on in tone, dialogue and story, allowing Duchovny and Anderson a great romp that shows off their excellent comic timing.

“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is another reminder of “The X-Files” at its best, and how easily it can step out of its ongoing conspiracy thread to freeze time and create a singular world in which monsters can be met with humour. Morgan was always perfect at this kind of style and it’s clear that his skills are as sharp as ever.

The interplay between Mulder and the amused Scully is joyous to watch. Rhys Darby as the troubled Guy Mann is also delightful and fulfills writer Morgan’s classic unreliable storyteller model. Duchovny’s comic reactions are great value; and watch for the numerous Easter eggs, including the portable toilet door sign, Mulder’s ring tone, and the costume nod to classic TV series and major influence on “The X-Files”: “Kolchak: The Night Stalker”.

Morgan’s reverse-transformation story, with its sly digs about the nature of humanity and masculinity (including a fanboy pleasing moment in the phone shop with Anderson) and “The X-Files” in-jokes is enormous fun.

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