The X-Files (S10E04) “Home Again”


Review by David Paul Hellings


“If you don’t see a problem, there’s no problem, right?” – The Trash Man.

An obnoxious government health inspector, enjoying too much his role in ‘area’ cleaning and the plight of those unfortunate homeless caught up in it and being hosed like vermin as part of the ‘relocation’ process, is later ripped in two by a strange man in his office who arrives in the back of a garbage truck, the killer then climbing back into the rear of the truck and driven away. Who? What? Why? Episode 4 is off and running.

Mulder and Scully are onto the case, but Dana’s involvement is curtailed as she receives the news that her mother has had a heart attack and is in a critical condition in hospital. It’s a touching scene for Anderson, finely played, that also reminds us of the price her own family have had to pay during the course of her work.

As Mulder continues to investigate, clues point to “The Band-Aid Nose Man” (only “The X-Files” and “Twin Peaks” ever really came up with such great names for characters). Scully’s time at the hospital also takes us back to the period in which she herself was hospitalised after her abduction. It’s another nod to the classic storylines and is well played and put together.

With a monster of the week; nods to the modern era in which Banksy-like paintings are removed from poor areas by those seeking to exploit them; plus question marks over Dana’s mother’s living will, “The X-Files” has retained its ability to pitch stories and events in modern times and retain its relevance, as well as connect to the conspiracies and plots of the past.

David Duchovny recently said that it would have been absurd for him to play Mulder as he did back in the day, and it’s noticeable. The laid back style is still there, but with an added sense of realisation that times have changed. The dynamic between Mulder and Scully has developed and there is an acceptance that the relationship moved from professional to personal and back again, but still retains a mixture of the two.

William, the child of Fox and Dana, has loomed large throughout this “Event” miniseries, and “Home Again” solidifies this even more. Scully’s increasing thoughts on the adopted child run throughout this episode and the question is as to how this particular storyline will resolve by episode six?

“Home Again” is a tale of loss and is both engaging and touching and stands as another fine episode in a miniseries that now sadly has only two episodes to go.

“The X-Files: Event” is due for release on Blu ray and DVD on 13th June 2016.

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