Cocoon – Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

Review by David Paul Hellings


“It is everything you’ve dreamed of. It is nothing you expect.

“Entertainment to release Ron Howard’s COCOON, one of the most beloved sci-fi films of the 80s featuring a star cast of Hollywood legends, in a Special Thirtieth Anniversary Edition Blu-ray on 18 July 2016.

Director Ron Howard followed up the huge success of Splash with this light-hearted science-fiction tale about a group of elderly friends who find their youth returning after encountering a benevolent Alien species living next door to their retirement home.

Bucking the trend of extravagant special effects targeted at a teenage audience, Cocoon with its senior cast and more personal focus was a huge success, picking up two Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor & Best Visual Effects), and remains one of the most memorable and heart-warming films of the Eighties. Eureka Entertainment is proud to present Cocoon in this Special Thirtieth Anniversary Edition Blu-ray.

From the farthest corner of a distant galaxy and the deepest feelings of the human soul comes a fantasy to fill your heart”.

via Eureka Entertainment


After the box-office success of his previous film “Splash”, director Ron Howard followed up with another hit in the shape of his feelgood sci-fi “Cocoon”; proving that he was a talent behind the camera that had plenty to offer, much to the surprise of anybody who watched “Happy Days” and assumed that Henry Winkler would be the cast member to go on to conquer Hollywood’s big screen.

Howard has always had a somewhat rose-glasses tinted view of America, almost a nostalgic attitude towards an Americana that never existed. But, as a director, Howard is, if anything, a man who examines the world with an old-fashioned optimism, seeking out the best in human behaviour, and heroes in everyday life; a philosophy that has informed and driven his work to date.

“Cocoon”, made during a decade in which the dark side of alien life and technology was proving popular with U.S audiences drinking the Kool-Aid of Reagan-era politics in a quickly changing world, was and remains a touching ode to life, its fragility, and how man should value every second of it and the second chances that rarely come along.

Working with a cast including many veterans from the Golden Age, Howard delivered an entertaining and enjoyable film that is as fun and moving as it was on its release. It fits in alongside films such as “E.T” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” in its view that there is something better and kinder out there in the universe; something that has values long forgotten by many of those running the planet Earth and only truly recognised by those who live quiet lives of decency, themselves.

This Anniversary edition is visually excellent and though the veteran actors in the cast are no longer with us, their performances remain as genuinely first rate as always and a lasting tribute. “Cocoon” is an audience favourite and was a box-office hit for a reason: it’s a quality film that continues to touch the imagination in beautiful ways.


New high definition transfer of the film

Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Feature-length audio commentary with Director Ron Howard

Five featurettes: Behind the scenes, Ron Howard profile, Underwater training, Actors, Creating Antareans

Three TV spots

Original theatrical trailer

Teaser Trailer

Cocoon: The Return theatrical trailer

Collectors’ booklet featuring a new article on the film by critic James Oliver, and archival imagery.

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